new family of MOSFETs

Zetex Inc. (Commack, NY) recently announced a new family of MOSFETs that offers a combination of low on-resistance and low gate charge. According to Zetex, this design provides optimum performance and high efficiency for switching applications such as dc/dc conversion. The high density metal oxide semiconductor (HDMOS) range includes eight n-channel devices. According to the company, on-resistance is low across the family, ranging from only 40 milliohms (max) up to 180 milliohms (max). To minimize switching losses and hence increase the efficiency of high frequency operation, gate charge is small, with the maximum gate charge varying from 3.4nC to 16nC across the range of devices. Crss (Miller capacitance) is low, as low as 30pF for the ZXM64N02E6 device. The device is designed to save space in compact designs and portable equipment and is provided in the miniature surface-mount SOT23, SOT23-6 and MSOP8 packages. Single and dual MOSFET versions of the MSOP8 parts are available.

Zetex Semiconductors
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