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NetPower Technologies Intros EBS Series Converters

NetPower Technologies Inc. (Plano, TX) introduced its new EBS Series of high-efficiency, isolated, dc/dc converters that deliver up to 170W or 50A in a standard one-eighth-brick package. The converters feature ultra-high efficiencies (93% at 14A for the 12Vout model) along with thermal performance. The EBS Series converters are suitable for applications that require a high output current in a small footprint. The EBS converters take an input between 42V to 53V, and output from 0.8V to 15V. The converters feature tightly regulated output voltages, remote sensing, full protection, and inrush and startup control. The EBS converters also meet the basic insulation requirements of EN60950.

The EBS converters can be used to directly power sensitive electronics loads, or be used in intermediate bus architectures (IBAs). When used in IBAs, EBS converters have typically about 20% more effective power capability than an unregulated bus converter with the same current rating, while exhibiting better input and output characteristics. The EBS Series of converters are available for $45 each at 1,000 units. The EBS Series can be ordered with an optional base plate or integrated heatsink to enhance the thermal performance in extreme environments. The open-frame version of the converter has a low height profile of 0.37in (9.5mm); the base-plate version has a height of 0.5in (12.7mm).

NetPower Technologies Inc.
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