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National Semi Presents LM5007 Buck Regulator

National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) announced what it claims is the industry's smallest, high-voltage, buck bias, switching regulator to satisfy housekeeping or bias power needs in next-generation communication, automotive, -48V distributed and battery-powered systems. The LM5007 is a buck bias regulator, which steps down a high-voltage (up to 75V), primary-side, power supply and produces a low-voltage (10V typical) bias supply for secondary-side control devices.

Fully integrated with all functions needed for a high-voltage power supply, the device contains an 80V n-channel power MOSFET rated at 0.7A peak that can be switched at high frequencies (up to 500kHz), allowing the use of a small output filter to complete an efficient, cost-effective, bias supply solution that sources up to 0.5A continuous load current in minimal printed circuit board space. The device is offered in a tiny (4mm x 4mm), eight-pin, LLP® chip-scale package, and an MSOP-8 package, and National claims that the LM5007 outperforms existing solutions in field-effect transistor breakdown, integrated boost capacitor diode, soft-start and thermal protection.

Integrating a 0.7A peak, 80V power MOSFET, the LM5007 serves an array of telecommunications, automotive and industrial power supply applications. It provides an inexpensive bias supply that is easily implemented with the addition of a small inductor filter, greatly reducing component count and PCB space. Also integrated in the LM5007 is a high-voltage, start-up bias regulator that operates from 9V to 75V plus over-temperature shutdown and an intelligent current-limit OFF-time timer.

Available now, the LM5007 is offered in either an MSOP-8 package or a small, thermally enhanced, eight-pin, LLP® chip-scale package, and is priced at $1.05 each in 1,000 units.

National Semiconductor Corp.
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