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Murata Releases New Series Of 1U Switching Power Supplies

Murata Power Solutions has released its CF Series, a new range of high density ac-dc switching power supplies. The single main output 200 and 350W open frame units offer industry standard form factor and high density. They are well suited for use in distributed power architecture applications, redundant (N+1) operations, information technology equipment and industrial applications.

The series comprises a 200W model with a 12V (16.6A) main output, and a choice of three 350W models giving designers the choice of a 12V (29A), 24V (14.5A) or a 48V (7.2A) main output. All power supplies in the CF range offer a universal input (85 to 265Vac) with active power factor correction (PFC). They also feature an auxiliary 5V standby output to allow for system housekeeping and monitoring.

The 200W CF200-A12C has a high power density of 8W/in.³ that helps minimize the space required in customer applications. Synchronous rectification allows an efficiency level of over 80% to be achieved. Built to meet 1U height restrictions, the ruggedized open frame, U-channel package CF200-A12C has compact overall dimensions of 127 x 84 x 39.6mm.

350W models (CF350-A12C, A24C and A48C) achieve a power density of 9.5W/in³ and similar levels of efficiency to 200W variants. Overall dimensions of the 1U, open frame, U-channel package are 173 x 98 x 36.6mm.

CF series switching power supplies feature active load current sharing and include an OR-ing diode for N+1 parallel operation. All models have a mean time before failure (MTBF) of 300,000 hours, are RoHS compliant and meet the Safety Agency requirements of UL/CSA 60950-1 and the European, EN-60950-1 standard.

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