Murata Announces GRM 615 Series Capacitors

Murata Electronics North America (Smyrna, GA) announced the introduction of the GRM 615 Series of capacitors. The new series is claimed to have a high Q, and features a capacitance range of 0.1 to 20pf and is offered in standard E24 steps. The series is housed in 0402 packaging.

The new capacitors utilize copper inner-electrode technology. The resistivity is claimed to be 10 percent lower than that of common silver and palladium electrodes. Murata claims that the component increases performance and battery life in mobile and hand-held devices.

"With the demand of wireless products on the rise globally, companies such as ours must develop innovative devices that meet increasing consumer demands. The GRM 615 Series does exactly that," said Frank Guiney, group product manager for Murata Electronics. "Additionally, it allows engineers greater design flexibility to produce more cutting-edge products."

Murata's GRM 615 Series is available at a cost of approximately $0.05 per capacitor.

Murata Electronics North America Inc.
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