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Multifunction DC Panel Meters Display V, I and Power up to 96kW

Murata introduces the new DCM20 series of multifunction panel meters from Murata Power Solutions. For dc systems, these meters measure dc voltage and current, calculate power up to 96kW, and display values either manually selected or continuously cycling. The miniature panel-mount product provides an input voltage range of 0.5- to 72-Vdc, with 10mV of resolution.

The meter also supports current measurement ranges from 5A to 1200A when used with an external user-supplied resistive shunt. Targeted for use in 12V, 24V or 48V systems, out-of-the-box accuracy of the product is +/-1% for voltage and +/-2% for current.

Applications are expected to include laboratory instrumentation, industrial systems, telecom equipment, large battery management, marine power markets, and so on.

Benefits of these new panel meters include: fewer maintenance issues than competitive devices with membrane switches; can be used in a wide range of dc current/power monitoring applications; can be used in both low and high power applications; user can compensate for inaccuracies arising from the current shunt; and provides higher readability than meter products with LCD displays.

Features include:

  • Supports both high-side and low-side current monitoring
  • Long-life contactless touch-sensor function selector switch
  • Low current consumption (< 10 mA at 12 VDC)
  • Internal self-resetting fuse
  • One-piece polycarbonate housing fits ‘0U' & ‘1U' racks
  • Compact surface mount design occupies minimal panel space
  • Bright LED-display with four function annunciators
  • Choice of red, green or blue display
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