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Multi-Output DC-DC ICs Targeted for Next-Gen Automotive Systems

Toshiba Corporation has launched the TB9043FTG, a multi-output system power supply IC that incorporates multiple dc-dc converters and series regulators for general automotive applications. Sample shipments start immediately, with mass production of 3 million pieces per year is scheduled to start in October 2014. The growth of highly sophisticated automotive applications requires microcontrollers that operate with low power and high current. This increases the need for power supply IC incorporating dc-dc convertors with the high efficiency required to reduce overall power consumption. TheTB9043FTG integrates two channels of switching converters and two channels of low noise series regulators, and can drive microcontrollers that require 1A of current.

One switching converter generates 6V power supply from a car battery; and the other converter generates 1.2V, 1.5V or 3.3V (selectable) for the microcontroller core from the 6V supply. The two series regulators independently generates 5V supplies out of 6V supply from dc-dc converter: 400mA current capacity is used for the microcontroller, and 100mA current capacity is used for a sensor or other interface. The IC also integrates a wide variety of monitoring functions and outputs monitoring status, which helps to contribute to improved safety of automotive applications, under ISO26262, the increasingly important standard for automotive functional safety.

The product incorporates dual circuits for overheating detection and overcurrent limiter to secure continued operation in the even one circuit malfunctions. The IC also integrates output voltage detector. In Stop Mode typical current is 0μA when power supply is cut. The operating voltage range is 7- to 18-Vdc, and the operating temperature range is -40 to 125°C. Detection circuits include; Output voltage detector (overvoltage and undervoltage) and diagnostic circuit, Inrush current limiter, IC thermal shutdown circuit, Watchdog timer (independent 2 circuits), Power-on reset, and Frequency monitor. It is packaged in a HQFN52 (8mm x 8mm x 0.9mm).

Toshiba Corporation
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