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Motorola Semi Offers New TSPDs

Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector (Phoenix) introduced a new series of Thyristor Surge Protective Devices (TSPDs) claimed to provide 50 percent more surge protection for telecom systems. The new high voltage bi-directional TSPDs are designed to prevent overvoltage damage to sensitive circuits by lightning, induction and powerline crossings. The devices provide secondary protection for electronic telecom equipment such as modems and Internet hardware.The TSPD series includes three devices: MMT10B230, MMT10B280 and MMT10B310, with surge current capabilities of 150A at 10×1000 (seconds waveform). The devices are breakover-triggered crowbar protectors with turn-off occurring when the surge current falls below the holding current value. For lower surge protection applications, Motorola offers the MMT05B230, MMT05B380 and MMT05B330, with standard surge current capabilities of 50A at 10×1000 (seconds waveform)."The telecom market is a targeted high growth area for Motorola," stated Alfredo Ochoa, Global Thyristor Applications Manager. "This new series of TSPDs demonstrates our commitment to meeting and anticipating the market requirement for increased surge protection and supporting customers with a wide portfolio of products."The TSPD series devices are housed in surface mount SMB packages. The MMT10BXXX series is priced from $0.64 in quantities of 2,500; the standard MMT05BXXX series is priced from $0.54 in quantities of 2,500.

ON Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor Products)
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