Motorola Semi Intros MMSF4205 P-Channel MOSFET

Motorola Semiconductor Components Group (Phoenix, AZ) announced a new p-channel MOSFET offering ultra low Rds(on) performance, designed to enable reduced battery drain and longer talk times for digital cellular phones, such as GSM designs. With an Rds(on) rating of 14 milliohms, the new MMSF4205 MOSFET is one of only two announced devices which offer this performance to satisfy a growing wireless market requirement, according to Motorola. The MMSF4205 unit has been optimized for lower turn-on current and is claimed to offer the lowest published gate drive current yet announced. Designed using Motorola's high cell density HDTMOS planar process, the chip also offers lower gate capacitance (CISS) performance, providing faster switching time for any given capacitance load. The device also offers true logic level performance, capable of interfacing at microcontroller logic levels."The new unit is designed specifically for use in low-voltage TMOS products and maintains our position as an industry leader in Rds(on) for low voltage products," commented Timothy Hedquist, TMOS Senior Marketing Manager at Motorola's Semiconductor Components Group. "Moreover, using this device enables designers to use a lower gate drive current as a result of the low gate capacitance."The MMSF4205 MOSFET is offered in a miniature MiniMOS SMT SO-8 package which makes a smaller PCB area possible. Samples are currently available with production quantities available by mid-year 1999. Motorola plans for spin-off products to be available in TSSOP-8, TSOP-6 and Micro-8 packages during 1999 as well. Pricing in 2.5K tape and reel quantities for the MMSF4205 MOSFET start at a resale value of $1.34.

ON Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor Components Group)
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