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    Test and Measurement

    Double Pulse Test Software Simplifies Wide Bandgap Power Device Testing

    Tektronix, Inc. today announced the availability of a new software plugin for its AFG31000 Arbitrary/Function Generator that makes it possible to perform...

  2. 217

    3D Position Hall Sensor with Stray-Field Compensation and SPI Interface

    TDK Corporation has expanded its Micronas position sensor portfolio with a new member of the previously announced masterHAL® sensor family HAL® 39xy....

  3. 398

    90- to 600-Vac Input Buck Topology Auxiliary Power Supply Reference Design

    The STEVAL-VP26K01B reference design from STMicroelectronics implements a 15 V-1.5 W buck converter for ultra-wide input voltage range auxiliary power supplies from...

  4. 212
    Power Components

    Advancing Gallium-Nitride Microelectronics Technology for the Defense Community

    BAE Systems has successfully completed a Phase 1 effort to transition short-gate gallium-nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology developed by the U.S. Air Force...

  5. 161
    Renewable Energy

    NREL Identifies Three Grand Challenges to Wind Energy Potential

    Wind energy researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are among a team of authors inviting the...

  6. 354
    Power Components

    Bosch Enters Automotive Silicon Carbide Race

    Bosch Semiconductor announced that it will be making silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors for automotive applications at its wafer fab in Reutlingen,...

  7. 203

    Bidirectional, Dual Channel High-Speed Protectors

    Bourns has announced the release of the Model TBU-DF055-100-WH, TBU-DF055-200-WH, TBU-DF085-100-WH and TBU-DF085-200-WH bidirectional, dual channel, High-Speed Protectors (HSPs) for use in...

  8. 246
    Batteries and Portable Power

    They Created a Rechargeable World – 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 rewards the development of the lithium-ion battery. This lightweight, rechargeable and powerful battery is now used...

  9. 195

    Flexible 12-Channel Automotive LED Driver Simplifies State-of-the-Art Lighting

    The STMicroelectronics ALED1262ZT 12-channel LED driver targets advanced automotive rear combination lamps and interior lighting, bringing features to support complex and innovative...

  10. 185
    Smart Grid Power

    New Approach for Modern Power Grids that Increases Efficiency & Reduces Cost

    Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) worked with a team of international researchers to develop a novel approach to allow for...

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