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Molex Debuts New Radial-Fin Heatsink

Molex Thermal Acoustic Products (Lisle, IL) announced its new radial-fin heatsink, which it claims will cool microprocessors faster and more quietly than other heatsinks. Using Molex's patent-pending radial-folded fin design, these heatsinks enable 360 degree air flow. Molex manufactures the new radial-fin heatsink models for use with SECC2 and PGA microprocessors in personal computers.

The company reports that the new radial-fin heatsink weighs as little as fifty percent less than traditional heatsinks. It does not require heatsink supports to meet mechanical and vibration requirements. Molex reports that full-system thermal testing of these heatsinks has achieved as low as 0.5 degrees C per watt measuring case to ambient, including thermal interface material. The heatsinks mount onto the microprocessor socket with a spring clip that can be attached by hand.

Pricing for the new radial-fin heatsink depends on model and quantity ordered. Depending on volume ordered, the lead time is typically four to six weeks.

Molex Inc.
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