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Mitra Announces New SAN Energy Systems

Mitra Power Systems (Belgium) recently announced their new Secondary Access Networks (SAN) integrated power systems line. Mitra claims that the SAN system provides an easy-to-install and easy-to-configure answer for requirements of up to 4 x 270W. They are also CE marked for safety, EMC, and meet the harmonic requirements EN 61000-3-2.The SAN systems are designed to allow easy installation and connection of rectifier modules in either 19" or ETSI standard rack systems. The depth of the modules is 25cm. The power capacity per module is 270W with natural convection, or 400W with forced cooling, at 24V or 48V output. The rated operating temperature is up to 70 degrees C, with embedded smart derating from 55 degrees C in natural convection. Rectifiers are available in 230V and 110V with active PFC versions for maximum operating efficiency.Up to four rectifier modules from the SAN family can be installed, which allows the needs of a wide range of applications to be met efficiently. A switch-based monitoring unit (SMU) is recommended for system supervision, according to Mitra. The SMU allows monitoring of rectifier status, redundancy, mains presence, battery or distribution availability, battery temperature and deep discharge protection.The SMU is designed to ease system configuration to enable installers to meet specific customer requirements, with no need for any special tools or programming. This is particularly important when users' systems need to be installed at different locations and by different installers. Four dipswitches on the unit's PCB allow all major system functions to be connected to one of the four alarm outputs, which is designed for a quick monitoring system set-up. Mitra claims to have further optimized system flexibility by using a separate distribution unit. This distribution unit plugs into the system panel, and can be configured to meet specific needs. Up to 10 protected outputs are available as standard.

Mitra Power Systems
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