Misubishi adds 600V SiC Schottky-Barrier Diodes

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the launch of a pair of 20A / 600V silicon-carbide (SiC) Schottky-barrier diodes (SiC-SBD) that incorporates a junction-barrier Schottky (JBS) structure. This junction-barrier Schottky structure helps reduce the power loss and size of power supply systems for air conditioners, photovoltaic power systems, and similar applications.

Mitsubishi Electric pointed out several advantages of Silicon Carbide components. First, silicon carbide improves energy conversion with about 21% less power loss compared to silicon (Si) products. Also, Silicon carbide enables high-speed switching. An additional advantage of silicon carbide is that it allows downsizing of peripheral components, such as reactors.

Mitsubishi Electric says that the JBS structure, which combines the Schottky barrier with a p-n junction, helps the Schottky-barrier diode achieve high reliability. Both devices have a surge non-repetitive forward current of 155A (8.3ms, sine wave) and a diode forward voltage of 1.35V. Model BD20060T in a TO-220 package will be available beginning this month. Model BD20060S in a TO-247 package is scheduled to be available beginning in September 2017.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
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