Communications Power


MINUTEMAN UPS (Carrollton, TX) announced two new high-quality lines of uninterruptible power supplies (USPs), which will become available to the public in August 2003. The products will replace current models with comprehensive power protection in a compact package. The new lines include the MBK-E™ Series, which will protect low-power demand applications like small office and non-critical computer systems, and the PRO-E™ Series for medium-sized to large business telecom and data processing applications.

Each new MBK-E and PRO-E unit protects connected equipment from utility ac blackouts, brownouts, spikes and surges. In the event of an ac power surge or lightning strike, each MBK-E and PRO-E unit will provide up to 500J of surge protection (440J on 230V PRO-E models). The MBK-E models are suitable for environments with small-to-moderate power problems, while the PRO-E models are well suited to protect devices in environments where power fluctuations can be more frequent and costly. The MBK-E Series is available in 120V models, while the PRO-E Series is available in both 120V and 230V models for installation in sites with higher voltage systems.

Suggested retail prices range from $89 for the MBK550E to $289 for the PRO1500E.