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Miniature Clip-Lock 13 kVdc High-Voltage Connectors

GES High Voltage, Inc. has announced a series of miniature full plastic high-voltage connectors designed for internal cabling. Series-VarioPro CL can perform operating voltages of up to 13kVdc. Due to its high voltage resistance this high-voltage connector is also particularly well suited for unshielded connection tasks below 1000V.

Typical applications are expected to include UV-lamps, X-ray diffraction, medical lasers, and similar high-voltage systems.

These high voltage connectors come in a 1-, 2- and 3-pin variant, are mechanically coded and provide a practical clip lock. The insulation materials excellent friction and wear-properties contribute to long durability and operational safety in a high voltage application environment. Silver- or gold-plated crimp contacts for AWG 26-14 are optionally available.

All variants of Series-VarioPro CL are suitable for either equipment installation or a levitated connection. These small high voltage connectors provide excellent performance, flexibility and user-friendliness at minimal space requirements, weight and at low cost.

Benefits of Series-VarioPro CL connectors include:

  • Practical clip-lock
  • Suitable for levitating installation
  • Ideal for internal wiring/cabling
  • Various options for wire size
  • Recessed contacts
  • Mechanically coded
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Premium insulation materials

Summary of specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 13kVdc
  • Testing voltage: 20kVdc
  • Rated current: 13A
  • Contact resistance: ≤5mΩ
  • Number of pins: 1-3
  • Termination method: crimp
  • Wire size: AWG 26-14
  • Protection class: IP 20
  • Flammability: UL94 V-0
GES High Voltage, Inc.
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