Microsemi Unveils Solid State Driver Module for Worldwide Residential, Commercial & Industrial LED Light Fixtures

Microsemi Corp. announced the first product in a planned family of solutions designed to provide optimized power conversion and light management for solid state lighting fixtures, which the company says enables the energy and lifetime cost savings promise of LED-based illumination.

Designated the LXMG221W-0700034-D0, the new Microsemi power supply module supports 5 to 16 LEDs and will be joined by a comprehensive portfolio of solid state lighting products in the coming months. Its universal input voltage range of 90 to 305Vac enables operation in 100Vac, 120Vac, 220-240Vac and 277Vac, 50Hz and 60Hz systems. The new Microsemi module provides 90% power conversion peak efficiency while delivering non-flickering dimming down to 10%.

Key features of the LXMG221W-0700034-DO include: universal input voltage (90-305Vac and frequency (50 or 60 Hz); high active power factor (PF > 0.9) and low total harmonic distortion (THD < 20%); constant current single string output of 700mA; wide 14-48Vdc output for LED loads of up to 34W; peak efficiency at 90%; dimmable to 10% via 0-10V dimming controls and potentiometers; Class 2 isolated power supply; and FCC Title 47, part 15 Class B compliant at all input voltages.

The LXMG221W-0700034-D0 module can be easily integrated into dimming and non-dimming fixtures and meets requirements for both commercial and residential applications, including its pending CE and UL1310 certification. Its compact, IP66-rated plastic package protects the power supply from dust and temporary water exposure and offers a thru-hole for more secure mounting.

"The SSL market is a key new market for Microsemi, and we are well positioned to leverage our leadership in power conversion and light management as well as our analog mixed signal design capabilities to develop optimized products for the next-generation of smart lighting fixtures," said Irene Signorino, Director of Marketing, Lighting and Automotive Products with Microsemi. "Thanks to our unique and robust supply chain, we can offer our first product family of complete ac-dc modules, the LXMG221W, directly to LED lighting manufacturers. This will help shorten the customers’ time to market and simplify the communication of their new LED-driven design challenges through a still CFL-centered supply chain. LEDs hold the key promise of a much longer expected usable lifetime and higher efficiency compared to other available light sources. This translates into lower cost of ownership for the user through both energy savings and lower maintenance and replacement costs. The energy savings are even higher if the fixture can be dimmed.

The ac-dc power supply and driver is a key component of the LED fixture. LEDs have unique electrical, photometric and thermal behavior that the driver has to take into consideration to achieve the promised long life and high energy efficiency. Moreover, end users will soon discover how much more they can expect from a lighting fixture. Novel features that can be optimally offered by LED lighting include perfectly tuned and personalized light via light intensity and light color controls, as well as reliable integration into smart power and lighting networks starting to appear in the residential, office and commercial space. All of these will only be possible with smart and optimized LED drivers.

The LXMG221W-0700034-D0 is in pre-production. Samples are available with pricing for individual samples at $60.

Microsemi Corp.
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