Microsemi Launches New Power Modules Line in SOT227 Packages

Microsemi Corp. has expanded its line of diode modules with 35 new full bridge devices in the popular SOT227 package. These diode full bridge products range from 6 to 100A and from 45 to 1700V; SiC diode modules, from 6 to 40A, both in 600V and 1200V; Schottky diode modules, from 30 to 60A, from 45 to 200V; two standard mains rectifier diode full bridge modules, 40 and 90A, 1600V; and FRED diode modules, from 30 to 100A, from 200 to 1700V. These products offer both ultrafast FRED diodes (DF) and low voltage FREDs (DL).

"The introduction of our high performance low profile SOT227diode power modules will allow our customers new options to build power systems from the input mains rectifier to the low voltage high current rectifier output," said Philippe Dupin, Director of Power Module Products, Microsemi Power Products Group. "These products are complementary extensions to our existing range of SP1, SP3 and SP6-P modules featuring the same 12mm height that enables our customers to design equipment with a single board, while significantly reducing weight and volume," he added.

Samples are available immediately. Depending upon configuration, pricing starts at $8.47 for silicon diode bridges and $24.26 for SiC diode bridges.

Microsemi Corp.
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