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Microsemi Intros OR'ing Schottky Rectifiers Family

Microsemi Corp. (Irvine, CA), a leading manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and power management integrated circuits, has launched a new family of OR'ing Schottky barrier rectifiers providing low forward-voltage specifications and high efficiency. The new rectifiers, which extend Microsemi's OR'ing portfolio, have power ratings from 1A to 240A and are particularly well suited for hot-swap power applications found in SCSI servers, processor system supports and telecom switches.

Using proprietary Schottky barrier technology, the new Microsemi devices create a suitable match between forward voltage and input resistance to minimize power loss. At 100°C the new rectifiers typically improve efficiency by 10% in most common 3.3V and 5V applications. Eight package styles are used, including Microsemi's patented Powermite® and Powermite3® packages, depending upon the specific power ratings required. Industry standard SMS, SML, TO-220, TO-220AC, D-61 and HalfPak are also used.

Immediate delivery is available with prices ranging from less than $0.20 for 1A Powermite devices in 10,000-lot quantities to less than $19 for a 240A HalfPak rectifier in 500-lot quantities.

Microsemi Corp.
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