Micrel Unveils 40V Wide Input Range Boost Regulator Solution

Micrel Inc. introduced a family of wide-input range integrated switch boost regulators. The MIC2601 operates at 1.2MHz and the MIC2602 at 2MHz. Both can supply up to 1.2A switch current. The MIC2601/2 are aimed at multimedia STB/antenna/tuners, broadband communications, TFT-LCD bias supplies, bias supplies, positive output regulators, SEPIC converters, DSL applications and local boost regulators.

"Micrel’s latest integrated switch boost regulators satisfy designers need for superior power solutions. These high-power-density boost regulators, operating at 1.2 and 2MHz, are ideal for a wide variety of broadband, power supply and multimedia applications," noted John T. Lee, Marketing Director Non Portable Power, Micrel. "Our customized processes and novel design features enable us to offer best-in-class boost regulators for customers."

These devices, offered by Micrel for the first time, operate over a wide input voltage range (4.5 – 20V) and boost output voltages to as high as 40V. The company states that the regulators feature a built-in 1.2A switch, resulting in low external component count as well as low BOM costs. Offering up to 2MHz PWM frequency, these devices are described as highly efficient and require only the smallest external components. Enhanced stability comes from the use of a small ceramic capacitor. Both MIC2601/2 devices are available in a small footprint, highly reliable, Pb-free 2 x 2mm MLF®-8 package.

The ICs are currently available in volume quantities, pricing starts at $1.14 for 1K quantities.

Micrel Inc.
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