Micrel Semi Intros MIC2753 & 2754 Supervisor ICs

Micrel Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) has announced a new family of feature-rich power supply supervisor ICs that include over-voltage detection and a built-in "crowbar" interface. Available in Micrel's IttyBitty SOT23-5 packaging, the MIC2753 and MIC2754 handle Power-On Reset functions as well as help minimize system damage in the event of an over-voltage fault.Each device includes an under-voltage monitor with reset output, a manual reset input with internal pull-up for direct connection to a switch, and a pulse generator that delivers 140ms (minimum) reset signals at power-on and anytime the input voltage falls below the programmed threshold. The MIC2753 and MIC2754 are identical with the exception of the reset outputs: The MIC2753 features an active-high push-pull reset output, while theMIC2754 features an active-low push-pull outlet.In 1,000-piece quantities, the MIC2753LBM5 and MIC2754LBM5 in Micrel's IttyBitty SOT23-5 packaging are priced at $1.00 each. Delivery of the L, T and R voltage options (5V +/-5 percent, 3.3V +/-5 percent, and 2.85V +/-5 percent respectively) of both devices are from stock. The remaining voltage options will become available shortly.

Micrel Semiconductor Inc.
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