Micrel Launches High-Side N-Channel MOSFET Driver With Integrated Charge Pump In An Ultra-Small Four-Pin Package

Micrel Inc. introduced the MIC5019, a tiny high-side MOSFET driver with integrated charge pump designed to switch an N-Channel enhancement-mode MOSFET in high-side switch applications. The device is ideal for load switches, solenoid drivers and motor driver applications. The MIC5019 is currently available in volume, and pricing starts at $0.48 for 1K quantity.

“In many high-side configurations, it is critical that the MOSFET remain turned on even as the source voltage approaches the supply voltage,” noted Brian Hedayati, marketing vice president for the analog division at Micrel. “Micrel’s MIC5019 MOSFET driver accomplishes this utilizing its internal charge pump to drive the MOSFET gate voltage higher than the supply voltage.”

The MIC5019features a tiny 4-pin 1.2mm x 1.2mm thin QFN package and a 2.7 – 9V supply voltage range. It offers a 16V gate drive at VDD = 9V and an 8V gate drive at VDD = 2.7V. Operating in low- and high-side configurations, it has a 150µA typical supply current at VDD = 5V and <1µA shutdown supply current. The device operates at -40C to +125C-degrees junction temperature range.

Micrel Inc.
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