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Megger Group Launches New BITE 3 Battery Tester

Megger Group Ltd. (Dallas, TX) launched the new Battery Impedence Test Equipment (BITE) 3 battery tester, which is the first of its kind to measure both float and ripple current, in addition to impedance, cell voltage and intercell connection resistance. Used in conjunction with Megger's ProActive database management software, this combination is a powerful lead-acid battery analyser.

The BITE 3 provides online testing with pass/warning/fail calculations. Built with on-board data analysis, the small, light, hand-held instrument enables comparisons with historical data through the recall of previous test results. Suitable for large installations, the tester is fast, accurate and easy to use, eliminating downtime.

The tester determines the condition of lead-acid cells up to 2,000 Ah, and also measures cell impedence, cell voltage and intercell connection resistance. With a built-in spectrum analyser, the tester will also show the harmonic content of the ripple current.

Megger Group Ltd.
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