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Mean Well Becomes Official PMBus Adopter and Joins SMIF

Mean Well has announced its membership in SMIF (System Management Interface Forum) and PMBus™ (Power Management Bus) adopters. PMBus is an open standard power-management protocol that aims to reduce design complexity of digitally controlled power systems.

Devices integrated with the PMBus protocol have true interoperability through universal commands to exchange device parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, fan speed, and etc. If power supplies have built-in PMBus protocol, then the end-system can immediately monitor and control the power supply's various operating parameters.

Mean Well also recently launched multiple high-performance fanless products with built-in PMBus protocols, including water-cooled PHP-3500 series, conduction-cooled UHP-1500/2500 series, and fully encapsulated convection-cooled HEP-1000 series. The fanless designs combined with PMBus protocol greatly improve the lifetime reliability and installation flexibility of the power supplies, which enables the design of more compact and more intelligent end-systems.

In addition, Mean Well has already released multiple high-power 19" rack power product lines that have built-in PMBus. They offer functions such as output programming, hot-swap operation, and active current sharing, so they can easily fulfill customer's power requirements for different applications.

The complete list of PMBus enabled products from Mean Well can be found here.


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