Maxwell Announces PC-10 Ultracapacitor for Enhanced Backup Power for Enterprise Storage

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of its PC-10 ultracapacitor with proprietary electrode for enhancing the reliability of backup power in enterprise storage, powering smart utility meters, and benefiting a variety of other industrial applications. Roughly the size of a postage stamp and able to efficiently store power and distribute it immediately, the PC-10 provides up to 10 years or more of reliable data protection for high-performance solid-state drives (SSD) and non-volatile memory modules in enterprise storage systems in the event of power disruptions while reducing the overall cost of ownership and environmental impacts of conventional battery solutions.

The PC-10 can also be used in automated utility meters as part of the smart grid, enabling utility companies to prioritize which individual buildings should come back up following a power outage. The PC-10 can also aid in load-sharing arrangements, powering meters to transmit data from residences that have agreed to lower their energy use during peak periods.

"In enterprise backup storage applications, ultracapacitors are a much more reliable option than the traditional Lithium-ion, nickel and alkaline batteries commonly used today," said Michael Liedtke, Maxwell’s Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Business Development. "Ultracapacitors eliminate the need for replacing a battery in enterprise storage devices every year and conducting performance tests. In smart utility meters, the PC-10 guarantees the meter will keep transmitting information if power is shut down to the area."

In addition to improved reliability, the PC-10’s proprietary electrode provides tighter capacitance and resistance control for more precise charging times and more efficient discharge. The PC-10 product comes in straight lead, 90 and 270-degree bent lead versions to fit a variety of different PCBA layout and space requirements. According to the company, the PC-10’s unique prismatic design makes it the only product for thin, high-energy applications and fits into a DRAM memory module form factor. Maxwell’s PC-10 ultracapacitors also offer benefits in automotive subsystems, wireless transmission, medical devices, and many other applications requiring a pulse of energy that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery or power supply alone.

Maxwell Technologies Inc.
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