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Maxim Releases Dual-Output, Synchronous DC-DC Controller With Operating Range Up To 25A

Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX15023, a dual-output, synchronous step-down controller capable of driving external MOSFETs to deliver at least 12A per output. Operating over a wide, 4.5 to 28V input range, this device integrates a ±1% accurate voltage reference to provide an accurate output voltage from 0.6V to 85% of the input voltage. The switching frequency (200kHz to 1MHz), external compensation network, and current limit can also be adjusted to optimize designs in terms of space, performance, and cost. The MAX15023 suitable for a variety of high-reliability applications such as telecom, networking, storage, and server equipment.

The MAX15023 uses cycle-by-cycle lossless current sensing to reduce power loss and eliminate the need for an external sense resistor. Additionally, the device’s adaptive synchronization eliminates external freewheeling Schottky diodes. Other features include the ability to start up monotonically when the output has a prebiased voltage; proprietary, adaptive digital soft-start for controlled turn-on; and two independent enable inputs and two independent power-good indicators with precise turn-on/turn-off thresholds, which can be used for supply monitoring and power sequencing.

The MAX15023 is offered in a thermally enhanced, 4 x 4mm, 24-pin TQFN package, and is fully specified over the -40 to +85°C extended temperature range. Prices start at $1.76 (1000-up, FOB USA).

Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
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