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Matching 3-Phase PFC and 380Vdc Converter Target Data Centers

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. today announced two products that are designed to improve power conversion efficiency in large data center environments. These complementary products are a 5kW PFC converter with 3-phase ac input and a matching high input voltage 1,200-W dc-dc converter. High voltage direct current (HVDC) power supply solutions are increasingly becoming popular as a way to power large server racks and data storage equipment in the most energy efficient means possible. These two new products achieve this while meeting the restrictions placed on reducing higher harmonics to a minimum.

The PFC converter, model number MPA9535, operates from a high-line 3-phase 480Vac input and provides a 380Vdc output. The converter ensures that the power factor correction is a close as possible to unity thus ensuring that efficiency is as high as possible. Typical power conversion efficiency of the MPA9535 is up to 96%. The matching MPA9512 dc-dc converter is fed directly from the MPA9535 and has two dc outputs. The main output is 12.12 Vdc and a standby +5 Vdc output is also provided. This stage of power conversion achieves a typical efficiency of 95.2%.

Designed for use in standard 19-inch server racks, the two units combined occupy a 4U footprint. Mass production is scheduled to begin in 2015.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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