MagnaChip Adds Low Noise LDO Family

MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd. announced the expansion of its power portfolio with the release of low noise LDO (low dropout) products, the MAP1115 and the MAP1230, for use in mobile handsets and other portable devices.

The MAP1115 product is a single, linear LDO regulator designed to provide 150mA output current with low noise, high PSRR (power supply ripple rejection) and fast turn-on time. It supplies accurate output voltage (Vout) with less than 2% variation from nominal Vout. The MAP1115 offers a quiet, low-power current during operation, an internal current limit designed to prevent short-circuiting, as well as an automatic thermal shutdown mode.

The MAP1230 is a dual output, pin-programmable LDO that is said to provide highly accurate dual output voltages with less than 2% variation from nominal Vout1 and Vout2. This device provides a maximum 300mA output current at each port with low noise. According to the compoany, unlike standardized LDOs with a fixed output voltage option, the MAP1230 can generate nine voltage options.

Both devices are enclosed in a thin DFN (dual flat no lead) package, making them suitable for use in electrical portable applications such as mobile phones, PDAs, and other portable devices.

Sang Park, Chairman and CEO of MagnaChip, commented, "We are pleased to unveil the MAP1115 and the MAP1230. We expect that these devices will allow us to continue to differentiate our products in the mobile handset market while also meeting the power, safety and voltage needs of our customers. The launch of these products further strengthens our rapidly growing portfolio of power solutions and allows us to meet more of our customers’ needs."