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Magna-Power Expands PQD/SQD/MQD Power Supply Lines

Magna-Power Electronics Inc. (Boonton, NJ) expanded its PQD, SQD and MQD Series power supply lines with 800 Vdc models. The PQD, SQD and MQD Series are high-density, dc switching power supplies ranging from 3.3 kW to 60 kW. The new series feature 171 models with output voltages ranging from 5 Vdc to 800 Vdc, and currents ranging from 5 Adc to 5,400 Adc.

The series' have both stepless analog and digital control. Units can be programmed from the front panel, through a rear connector or through RS232 communications. Optional converters enable IEEE-488, RS485 and Ethernet communications. Remote interface software is supplied to enable communications with the power supply and certified drivers are available for LabWindow/CVI and LabVIEW. Calibration can be performed from the front panel.

The series' feature series and parallel master/slave operation, a high dielectric withstand of 2,500 Vac, over-voltage and over-circuit protection shutdown, automatic V/I crossover, 100 memory states with front panel memory indicator, and auto sequencing by time or external triggering. All user interface circuitry is referenced to earth ground to avoid ground loops and safety concerns.

The PQD, SQD and MQD Series have been upgraded to enable modulation with addition or multiplication. The new feature allows models to perform leadless remote sensing; provide thermal compensation for battery charging; and emulate sources such as batteries, photovoltaic arrays and fuel cells.

Magna-Power Electronics Inc.
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