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LVDC Code of Practice to be Published in Early 2015

A new Code of Practice for Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) Power Distribution in Buildings will be published by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) next year. This Code of Practice, expected in early 2015, sets out the requirements for the design, specification, selection, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of LVDC power distribution in buildings, including LVDC supplies and sub-systems. LVDC power distribution allows for an alternative approach to powering such direct current systems as LED lighting and consumer electronics (e.g. smartphones and tablet devices), with potential to achieve carbon savings by reducing power conversion losses.

Blane Judd, Chair of the IET Standards Technical Committee 2.4 DC Power Systems, said: "The introduction of LVDC power distribution in buildings will remove the need for large numbers of small, often inefficient, ac-dc rectifiers used by electronic devices, including those that supply building services and IT equipment.

"This new Code of Practice will be useful for electrical and building services engineers who are working to improve energy efficiency and space utilization in buildings. This document fits in with a whole suite of Codes of Practice from the IET, in an effort to improve energy efficiency in all areas of engineering," Judd concluded.

The document will be useful to designers, installers and operators, including professionals from electrical as well as IT and telecommunications backgrounds, where cabling / wiring installations are used to distribute LVDC power.

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