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Lucent Technologies Produces New NP1200 and NPS3600 Power Supplies

Lucent Technologies (Dallas, TX) has announced a new power system that they claim can pack as much as 40 percent more power than similar products into increasingly smaller spaces for data, enterprise and telecommunications applications. With an industry-leading 6W per cubic inch, Lucent's next-generation NP1200 Series front-end power supply and innovative zero-thickness NPS3600 shelf (19" x 12" x 3.5") create a space-saving system that maximizes power density.

The NP1200 and NPS3600, the first in a series of new products with patent-pending technology, will be featured at SuperComm booth No. 7127 in Atlanta on June 6-8, 2000. "The NP1200 power supply brings the reliability of telephony power to data networking applications," said Donald Baxter, product marketing manager at Lucent. "With the innovative design of the NPS3600 shelf, this power system sets new industry standards for cost-effective, feature-rich systems that are in demand today."

According to Baxter, the NP1200 is an excellent choice for applications requiring modular ac/dc bulk intermediate voltages, such as distributed-power and dc-uninterruptible power systems. The NP1200 has a full complement of alarm and shutdown features to protect the system in the event of a fault condition. Other features include redundant parallel operation, hot-insertion/removal (hot-swap) capability and active-load sharing.

Orders will be fulfilled from stock beginning late summer 2000. The NP1200 is priced at $0.44 per watt in quantities of 500.

Lucent Technologies Inc.
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