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LTRIM New LTR2250-T18/LTR2200-T18 Boost Converters

LTRIM Technologies Inc. (Anaheim, CA), a developer of power management solutions that integrate into mixed-signal, system-on-chips, announced a pair of high-efficiency, step-up (boost) dc-dc converter intellectual property blocks – the LTR2250-T18 and the LTR2200-T18 – that are suitable for power-constrained applications such as high-end mobile phones, Wi-Fi, MP3, three-dimensional graphics on mobile devices, digital video, Bluetooth/USB interfaces, and other battery-operated applications.

Designed specifically to extend battery life in portable devices, the LTR2250-T18 provides a 0.9 V to 1.7 V input-voltage range for single-battery applications, while the LTR2200-T18 provides an input-voltage range of 1.1 V to 3.3 V that is suitable for dual-battery devices. Both IP blocks feature low quiescent-current and shutdown-current specifications, fast response times, and low output ripple. Both the LTR2250-T18 and the LTR2200-T18 include internal 500 mV voltage references, soft-start control and fault detection. Both IP blocks are architected to allow the use of small surface-mount inductors and ceramic capacitors, without requiring the use of a Shottky diode.

The new boost converters can be easily integrated into mixed-signal SoCs and analog ICs The LTR2250-T18 and LTR2200-T18 are now available in TSMC and SMIC 0.18-micron technology.

LTRIM Technologies Inc.
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