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LTC Releases LT6210 Operational Amplifier

Linear Technology Corp. (LTC, Milpitas, CA) introduced the LT6210, a current feedback amplifier with adjustable supply current and bandwidth. The supply current is programmable for a range of 300µA to 6mA corresponding to a bandwidth ranging from 10MHz to 200MHz. A single resistor or current source is all that is needed to set the supply current to the minimum required for a given speed.

The combination of adjustable low-power consumption with high speed, low noise (6.5nV) and low distortion (-70dB at 1MHz) makes the LT6210 suitable for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from power-conscious portable designs to high-speed data communications. The LT6210 can be used in networking, mobile communications gear, video signal processing, cellular infrastructure, modems and remote power systems.

The LT6210 operates on supplies from 3V to 12V, and the output swings rail-to-rail. It is offered in the six-lead, ThinSOT™ package and is specified for operation over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Pricing starts at $1.20 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Linear Technology Corp.
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