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LTC Presents New LT6552 Difference Amplifier

Linear Technology Corp. (LTC, Milpitas, CA) introduced the LT6552, a wideband difference amplifier. Offering common-mode rejection at high frequencies (CMRR >60dB at 10MHz), the LT6552 minimizes the effects of high-frequency noise pickup, allowing signals to be sent over long lines without fear of corruption by external noise sources or crosstalk. Designed for video applications, but also useful for general-purpose signal processing, the amplifier can be used in differential or single-ended input configurations.

The LT6552 features a 75MHz, -3dB bandwidth; 600V/µs slew rate; and ±70mA output current, making it suitable for driving cables. The input-voltage range includes ground-simplifying, single-supply operation. The output swings rail-to-rail, providing maximum output dynamic range. In addition, a shutdown feature is included to reduce power dissipation. The LT6552 is suitable for use as a twisted pair or differential line receiver, coax cable driver, twisted pair to coax cable converter, and cable-tap amplifier for loop-through connections in a wide variety of video applications.

The LT6652 is offered in the space-saving, 3mm x 3mm, DFN package. It is specified for operation over the industrial and commercial temperature ranges. Pricing starts at $1.10 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Linear Technology Corp.
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