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Low-Profile Power Inductors Handle up to 4.5A

Abracon Corporation has extended its product portfolio with the introduction of the ASPI-2010HC series of 1mm-high wirewound power inductors for applications up to 4.5A. The ASPI-2010HC series of SMD power inductors is constructed with a metalized ferrite core, specialized copper wire and is coated with a magnetic resin compound for shielding. This unique combination yields the ability to handle large amounts of current with lower RDC, compared to traditional ferrite power inductors. This series is designed for consumer products and portable equipment with demanding current handling requirements.

Key features of the ASPI-2010HC series of power inductor include: A metalized ferrite core that provides saturation current as high as 4.5A; A DCR as low as 40mΩ reducing power loss; Magnetic resin shielding to minimize leakage flux and EMI; A core design resulting in excellent shock resistance; And a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +125 degrees C.

"With ever-increasing demand for miniaturization, coupled with superior performance characteristics, miniature power inductors play a key role in dc-dc conversion circuitry. Industrial and consumer electronics products, including smart phones, mandate multi-functional requirements, which dictate the utilization of ultra-thin power inductors capable of large saturation currents," explains Syed Raza, Director of Engineering at Abracon.

The ASPI-2010HC series is currently available in a 2.0×1.6×1.0mm, low-cost, RoHS-compliant and lead-free SMD package. Standard applications for this series include: smart phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, servers, Blu-Ray disc recorders, set top boxes, portable gaming consoles and navigation devices.

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