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Low-Profile DOSA Converters Deliver up to 6A and 800W/in³

Recom's latest innovation increases the power density of DOSA-packaged dc-dc converters to a new level. The RPM modules stand out due to their exceptional efficiency of up to 99%, enabling a low-profile package perfect for applications where space is critical.

Recom's new power modules offer one of the highest power densities in a DOSA footprint on the market with a profile of only 3.75mm. They provide either 1-, 2-, 3-, or even 6-A in the same-sized package for scalability.

The 6A module has at least 50% higher power density than its peers on the market, thanks to a new IC and a novel multi-layer PCB layout. It's thermally optimized to pull the heat away from the board – so without derating it delivers over 800W/in³ at up to 90°C. With a ground plane in the PCB together with the metal housing, 6-sided shielding guarantees great EMC performance.

The RPM power modules have been successfully designed, tested, and manufactured - all in Europe. With input and output capacitors already included, the RPM series operates without the need for additional components. They are SMD with a land-grid-array package.

To facilitate rapid testing, Recom also developed evaluation boards, which will be released by end of October 2018 so that customers will be able to quickly and easily test these modules. RPM samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from Recom.

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