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Low Profile Digitizer Claims Industry Leading Performance Across All Channels

Tektronix, Inc. unveiled the 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer, the first 4-channel digitizer to offer up to 8GHz bandwidth, 25GS/s sampling rate and a 12-bit ADC on every channel, all in a space-saving 2U rack form factor. In contrast to alternative digitizers that interleave sample rate, bandwidth and record length, the new Tektronix digitizer delivers the same performance across all channels.

This high-performance digitizer is well-suited for advanced applications such as high-energy physics, weapons and materials research as well as automated test equipment (ATE) applications in technologies such as 5G mmWave, ultrawide band, WiGig and automotive radar.

In each of these applications, engineers require digitizers with the highest precision and performance possible coupled with a compact footprint for increased channel density. In the case of high-energy physics research, physicists, engineers and technicians often invest weeks to orchestrate “single-shot” events and need confidence that the test results captured by digitizers are valid.

According to the company, the 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer delivers that confidence regardless of the number of input channels, which can number in the 100s for large projects.

“With the 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer, we are bringing a new level of performance and density to research labs and high-end production and manufacturing test applications in military, automotive, 5G and more,” said Brian Ice, General Manager, Core Real-Time Scopes at Tektronix. “The combination of low-noise performance and compact size is unmatched in the industry and allows customers to accomplish more with reliable and repeatable test results.”

The 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer uses the same Tektronix-designed 12-bit Tek049 ASIC on each of its four channels as the 5 and 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes. It is available in multiple bandwidth options ranging from 1GHz to 8GHz and offers a 25GS/s sample rate with industry leading low noise performance and a highly effective number of bits.

With patented analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and Digital Down Conversion (DDC) signal paths, users can acquire 2GHz of RF capture bandwidth in Spectrum View while independently controlling the frequency and time domains. To maintain better accuracy over long periods of time, the 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer can run signal path compensation without the need to remove cables or signals.

The 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer is available worldwide.

Tektronix Inc.
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