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Low-Height Bracket Fan with Skived Copper Heatsink

Jaro Thermal‘s new skived-copper bracket fan contains a fully embedded, leading-edge 50x50x12.6 mm fan – inside of a skived-copper-fin heatsink.

Jaro’s unique “skive” cooler significantly reduces height requirements for low-profile applications, while providing unsurpassed surface-area. The dense arrangement of thin copper fins offers unheralded thermal conductivity.

Applications include network interface cards, video graphic cards, PCI-e & IC spot cooling: customizable fin thickness & pitch.

These coolers incorporate a 5,000 rpm fan that operates with 5Vdc and produces 7.12 CFM of airflow. The nominal noise level is 26.0db and they have a life expectancy of 70,000 hours when operated at 40 degrees C and 65% relative humidity.

JARO Thermal Inc.
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