Lineage Power Launches CAR2024FP Front End/Rectifier

Lineage Power Corp. announced a 2000W CAR2024FP front end intended for 24 and 28V applications including cellular base stations, RF power amplifiers, industrial motors and relays, automated test equipment, and more. The latest product introduced under the Lineage Power Total Efficiency® architecture, the CAR2024FP can achieve 90% efficiency at 100% of load to meet and exceed application-orientated efficiency standards such as the 80 Plus® Bronze Standard, ENERGY STAR®, and other energy certifications. The Total Efficiency architecture is an end-to-end approach designed to help organizations go green to save green while achieving their sustainability objectives through cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that are safe, reliable and energy efficient.

Lineage Power has made this rectifier a high-density unit supplying 25W per cubic inch in just 1 rack unit. Purpose-built for OEM applications, the Cherokee by Lineage Power CAR2024FP includes an advanced feature set such as automatic fan speed control and full Inter-Integrated Circuit (I²C) communications – providing intelligent monitoring and control of critical parameters.

The CAR2048FP small form factor is well suited for space-constrained applications where system real estate is at a premium. Measuring 1.65 by 4 by 14.25 inches, the unit delivers 83A at 24V, and has an output voltage range from 21 to 29V. Up to four units can be mounted side-by-side on a standard 19-inch rack shelf to deliver 8,000W (or 6,000W with N+1 redundancy) in 1U. Protection features on the rectifier include input over and under voltage, output over voltage, over temperature and over current. A matching system shelf, the ACE204, will be available to fit industry standard 19-inch cabinets. The ACE204 is a 4-bay redundant, hot-swap configuration offering scalability up to 8,000W.

"We have transferred our power-design expertise from datacom and telecom to bring a feature-rich power rectifier to the industrial, base station and RF amplifier markets," said Mike Wagner, Vice President and General Manager for Lineage Power’s Embedded OEM division. "This CAR2024FP front end provides the market the flexibility of both a 24 and 28V unit in one design with the added capabilities of intelligent monitoring and control of critical parameters."

Available immediately, the Lineage Power CAR2024FP is available at $370 for OEM quantities.

Lineage Power Corp.
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