Energy Efficiency

Lineage Power Introduces Next Generation Outside Plant Cabinet Power System

Lineage Power Corp. announced the next generation CPS6000 cabinet power system designed to help service providers ensure "always-on" reliability and cost-effectively deploy thousands of new voice, video and data applications for millions of subscribers. Part of the Lineage Power Total Efficiency™ architecture, the CPS6000 operates at nearly 97% efficiency, recapturing energy loss and lowering cooling requirements by 50-70%. The company’s Cost of Power™ calculator demonstrates how Total Efficiency investments may deliver 1-2 year return on investment payback periods.

Lineage Power was the first supplier to announce high efficiency rectifiers with system capacities ranging from 10A to 20,000A for deployment in customer premise, outside plant and central office/data center applications. The new Total Efficiency rectifiers are fully backwards compatible with currently deployed Lineage Power CPS6000 systems, enabling the installed base of customers to reduce energy costs through a simple plug-n-play upgrade to preserve existing investments.

"Telecom dc power plants need to be reliable, intelligent, and energy efficient," said Dan Ludwick, Lineage Power Energy Systems VP and General Manager. "Whether upgrading existing locations or deploying new ones, we are helping network operators scale their ’triple-play’ services at lower relative costs to address consumer and business subscriber demand for Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing and 4G/LTE wireless applications."

The CPS6000 is a 2U high vertical airflow dc energy system with 19" or 23" power shelf options consisting of rectifiers, controller, battery monitoring and integrated or external distribution options. A unique configuration option offers one or more 300A capacity 23" power shelves using six rectifiers with controller and external distribution to power fiber optic communications. System capacity ranges from 10A to 1200A of energy efficient power conversion with a wide range of ac input and dc output distribution options in a broad number of compact, modular configurations. Whether deployed in outside plant (OSP) cabinet, hut or shelter applications, the new offering is designed to withstand extreme environmental operating conditions up to 75°C (167°F). The CPS6000 is a recommended replacement for aging AT&T/Lucent SLC digital subscriber loop carrier cabinet power units.

The intelligent CPS6000 is configured and remotely managed via the Pulsar Edge™ or Pulsar Plus™ system controllers and Galaxy Manager™ software. The Pulsar Edge or Pulsar Plus controller options consolidate all front panel status information and remote web browser visibility into a single display for operations and maintenance personnel. Galaxy Manager offers centralized visibility and control of system parameters and alarm thresholds using standards-based SNMP communications.

The Lineage Power CPS6000 is approved for deployment with contract pricing at AT&T, FairPoint, Frontier, Qwest, Verizon, and other service providers. Ready-to-ship configurations of the CPS6000 power plants, with associated professional services and training, can be rapidly deployed within weeks.