Lineage Power Introduces New Non-Isolated DC-DC POL Converter

Lineage Power Corp. announced the availability of its newest member of the TLynx® family, the GigaTLynx™, a non-isolated, dc-dc point of load (POL) converter for leading-edge, high-current power applications. The GigaTLynx family conserves circuit board real estate with a footprint that is one-fourth smaller than similar capacity power converters to provide a current density of 6.6A/cm2.

Part of the Lineage Power Total Efficiency™ architecture, GigaTLynx achieves 95% peak efficiency, recapturing energy loss, lowering cooling requirements, and optimizing current de-rating over temperature to provide full load capacity at up to 75°C. According to the company, the GigaTLynx family is a cost-effective alternative to discrete circuit board power design for OEM power engineers to accelerate development schedules, lower risks and increase reliability.

"As OEMs integrate higher power application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) in their new communications, computing and storage product designs, the need for small, fast and powerful POL modules is growing in tandem," said Niklas Fallgren, Vice President and General Manager of Lineage Power’s Embedded OEM division. "GigaTLynx cost-effectively delivers leading power density and efficiency with reliability measured in billions of hours for a widening range of vertical market applications."

The first module to be available from the GigaTLynx family, the APTS050, is a 50A, non-isolated dc-dc point of load converter with an input range of 4.5-14V and a programmable, precise output voltage range from 0.7-2V. Its low profile footprint – 33.0 x 22.9 x 10.0mm – makes the GigaTLynx 25% smaller than other industry offerings and reduces energy loss nearly 30% compared to other 50A industry alternatives. The GigaTLynx modules are nest-able with the existing 30A MegaTLynx™ solution, allowing OEM customers the flexibility to reduce cost or increase power without a board spin, minimizing risk and reducing time to market. Tunable Loop™ functionality allows OEM design engineers to optimize the dynamic response of a DC POL power solution to match load requirements – reducing the quantity, type, and size of the capacitors required for any given application. The result for the 50A GigaTLynx is more than 90% capacitor reduction in less than half the space footprint with nearly 50% lower system cost, and improved system reliability.

Available within 30 days worldwide, the APTS050 starts under $29 per unit for OEM quantities.

Lineage Power Corp.
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