Lineage Power Announces New Total Efficiency Architecture

Lineage Power Corp. announced an end-to-end Total Efficiency™ architecture, designed to help telecommunications carriers, wireless operators, Internet service providers (ISPs) and large enterprises achieve their sustainability objectives by recapturing 50 to 70% of energy typically lost in the power conversion process.

The Lineage Power Total Efficiency (TE) Architecture approach includes hardware, software and services for central offices, mobile switching centers, cell sites and data centers. Completely backwards compatible to leverage currently deployed energy systems, the new TE architecture products deliver end-to-end efficiency approaching 97% across a wide range of normal load conditions.

"Communications power system makers are facing an increasingly integrated market that demands energy efficiency, backwards compatibility, lower operating and maintenance costs and ’smart grid’ capabilities," said Linnea Brush, Senior Research Analyst with Darnell Group. "Lineage Power’s Total Efficiency Architecture is a unique approach that addresses all of these current demands, while providing flexibility to meet future power system architecture changes."

"Lineage Power tackles efficiency end-to-end with engineering expertise in telecom and datacenter environments ranging from energy systems to power supplies and board mounted power," said Craig Witsoe, CEO of Lineage Power. "Proving our claims, the Cost of Power™ calculator shows how Total Efficiency investments deliver 1-2 year payback periods through 50-70 percent reductions in energy loss and cooling requirements. That is enough savings to power San Francisco for an entire year."

The first new products delivered under the Total Efficiency architecture are TE rectifiers for telecom dc power systems. Available beginning in Q4 2009, TE rectifiers are fully backwards compatible with currently deployed Lineage Power GPS, Infinity, CPS, CPL and SPS power bays and shelves. Lineage Power is the first and only supplier to announce high-efficiency rectifiers with system capacities that range from 10 to 20,000A for deployment in customer premise, outside plant and central office/data center applications. Galaxy Manager™ software featuring remote fault, configuration and asset management ensures operations personnel have a digital dashboard view across the power infrastructure.

"Lineage Power is leaving no power system behind as we deliver Total Efficiency across our entire product portfolio," said Greg Fasullo, Vice President and General Manager of Energy Systems for Lineage Power. "As organizations worldwide go green to save green, we are delivering cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that are more safe, reliable and energy efficient than alternatives from our competitors."

Lineage Power Corp.
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