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Li-Ions Capable of 20C Charge/Discharge and 18,000 Cycles at 10C

Nichicon Corporation has entered into a technical assistance agreement with Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation to develop a small lithium-ion secondary battery applicable for SCiB™ technologies. This product is being jointly-introduced into the market by both companies.

These high-performance miniature Li-ions leverage Nichicon’s wound-product manufacturing technologies developed for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Small lithium-ion secondary batteries are an essential part of the new products and services using big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. This includes the expansion of environmental power generation systems that convert natural energy such as light, heat, vibration and radio waves into electricity, as well as the development of car electronics used in autonomous vehicles.

This product utilizes lithium titanate for the negative electrodes, possessing high-rate (20C maximum) rapid charge/discharge performance realizing high-density input/output that is approaching that of a capacitor. It is also durable, capable of over 18,000 charges/discharges at a rate of 10C and low temperature characteristics enabling operation even at -30°C.

Furthermore, it is a safe small lithium ion secondary battery with extremely low risk of ignition or smoking due to less lithium metal separation, which causes deterioration and short circuits.

Nichicon and Toshiba plan to gradually introduce into the market products that range from ultra-small with a diameter of 3mm and a length of 7mm, to a diameter of 12.5mm and length of 40mm.

Nichicon Corp. , Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
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