LEM Introduces Compact, DC Class 1 Accuracy

LEM introduced the DV series voltage transducer for insulated voltage measurements from 1200-4200 VRMS. Featuring LEM’s patented insulating technology, the DV transducer is said to be significantly smaller than any equivalent product on the market, measuring only 134 x 54.22 x 147.25mm.

The DV has been developed and is produced according to International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS). Engineers in the railway industry (including rolling stock and sub-stations) now have a new transducer for measuring network voltages and the main converters’ dc link. The product is also well adapted for the industrial markets for high and medium voltage measurements.

With a low current consumption of 19-23mA, a large frequency bandwidth of 12kHz, and safety insulation voltage of 18.5kV, LEM's DV voltage transducer meets the demands of modern rail systems and fulfils all new EMC requirements. Other key features include a high level of partial discharge extinction voltage, adherence to safety standards, together with low weight and flexible mechanical and electrical output to adapt to customer needs.

The DV is Class 1 certified and therefore suitable for applications such as energy metering. The materials utilized comply with the fire and smoke requirements, which are mandatory in railway applications. The DV is CE marked.

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