LED Driver Targets Non-Dimmable MR16 Lamp Designs

The AL8820 LED driver converter from Diodes Incorporated is a compact, two-stage, boost/buck non-dimmable MR16 lamp design solution, that is simultaneously characterized by high power factor, low total harmonic distortion (THD) and low-output current ripple. For example, in a 6W MR16 application, the device operates flicker-free with most common LED lighting transformers at a power factor of 0.9 and THD of 30%.

Combining two dc-dc regulators in the 5mm x 6mm SO-8EP package, the AL8820 operates in continuous-current mode and employs an innovative control scheme to ensure high compatibility with most commonly used electronic transformers. A low RDSON internal 40V/2A NDMOS switch helps minimize power losses while supporting the delivery of large output powers in a wide range of 5W to 7W MR16 LED lamps.

The device features a wide 5V to 36V input voltage range and an output current up to 2A can be achieved. A switching frequency of up to 1MHz means that smaller-sized external inductors and capacitors can also be used with the device for MR16 solutions, helping to further minimize overall circuit footprint and BOM cost.

The AL8820's comprehensive integrated protection features include: under-voltage lock out, output short circuit, output open-circuit, over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection. The AL8820 LED driver converter for MR16 lamp design is priced at $0.45USD each in 10K quantities.

Diodes Incorporated
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