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Laminated Busbars with Integrated Capacitors feature Low Inductance

ROLINX® CapLink solutions are the latest additions to the ROLINX busbar family from Rogers Corp. These new products combine "off the shelf" capacitors integrated with the well-known ROLINX Laminated Busbars.

The capacitors are mounted to the busbar with a unique soldering process resulting in the assemblies with extreme low inductance and high power density in a small light weight system, compared to currently available solutions.

This unique architecture supports IGBT technology, including Silicon Carbide, and allows them to operate at high switching frequencies, increased voltages and higher temperatures with minimum power losses.

ROLINX CapLink solutions are custom assemblies consisting of a number of capacitors integrated to a laminated busbar and are suited for any power-management application requiring high-power handling capabilities, low equivalent series inductance (ESL), low equivalent series resistance (ESR) in small, light-weight assemblies such as dc-link systems and inverters in EV/HEV as well as in industrial, solar-power and wind-power systems.

ROLINX CapLink Solutions support IGBT/SiC technology devices at very high switching frequencies with increased voltages and higher temperatures.

Advantages of ROLINX® CapLink solutions include:

  • Ability to handle higher ripple currents
  • Low ESL and ESR
  • Highly integrated busbar design
  • High reliability and long useful life
  • Compact design with low building height and weight
  • ‘Standard' capacitors, running in high quantities on highly automated lines
Rogers Corp.
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