Laird Releases Gigabit & Multi-port Injectors, DC-DC Converters, & General Purpose Splitter For Remote POE Functionality

Laird Technologies, Inc. announced the expansion of its WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) product portfolio with the addition of new Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) accessories. These new, advanced accessories add user convenience and are well suited for use in remote networking and routers, SOHO equipment, access points, and bridges, as well as IP cameras, phones, and VOIP systems.

According to Monty Rohde, Laird Technologies Vice President/General Manager, Infrastructure Antenna Systems, "Our new, advanced WISP accessories enable POE functionality and enhance gigabit network capabilities, while reducing the number of devices required by OEMs and system integrators."

The 4-Port POE Injector is a multi-port active splitter that offers carrier-class performance in a low-cost system. Its advanced auto-sensing algorithm and IEEE 802.3af compatibility accepts POE power from any IEEE 802.3af router or power supply. The unit provides auto-disconnect for over-/under-voltage, with independent over-current and short circuit protection in each port. With a centrally located power supply, users have the ability to easily power on and reset devices from remote locations where network access is available. The plug-and-play 4-port POE Injector features individual port status indicators, supports POE power up to 24W for each POE port, and is available for 18 / 24 / 48V use.

The Gigabit POE Injector is an advanced 802.3af compliant power supply with auto-ranging voltage input and regulated voltage output. Built-in Ethernet surge and short-circuit protection prevents equipment damage from overload, with minimum cross-talk and insertion loss. The centrally located power supply is said to allow users to easily connect devices from remote locations where network access is available. This carrier-class Gigabit POE Injector does not include the intelligent detection algorithms detailed in the 802.3af standard, which means it will power up any device connected to it. Power is supplied on Ethernet pins 4/5(V+) and 7/8(V-).

General Purpose POE Passive Splitters take supplied power and split it into two separate connectors for data and power. These splitters are used to power network devices that do or do not support POE. They are said to be self-cooling, compact, and cost-effective. The units take an S "10-31" dc voltage and convert it to 5 or 12 dc voltages or both 5 and 12Vdc.

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