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KONE and Power Efficiency Corp. Announce Escalator Modernization Solution

Power Efficiency Corp. and KONE Inc. announced the success and potential for future implementation of EcoStart in the EcoMod™ Escalator Modernization solution at various facilities throughout North America. EcoMod™ is KONE’s unique solution for modernizing aging escalator equipment and improving equipment efficiency. The EcoMod™ escalator modernization solution is unique to the industry by providing a complete new escalator without the construction.

An energy savings option of the EcoMod™ product offering is the EcoStart™, which is manufactured by Power Efficiency exclusively for KONE. The EcoStart™ soft starts an electric motor, bringing it from rest to full speed. Once it is at full speed, the EcoStart™ monitors the motor and improves its efficiency when it is wasting energy. By conserving energy, the EcoStart™ also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

"These products offer an integrated solution for our customers who are looking to modernize their existing escalator equipment and reduce energy costs," said Brad Fleming, Assistant Vice President of Modernization at KONE. "EcoMod™ is a program derived from careful consideration of the heightened environmental and economic importance of saving energy. KONE is proud to offer such a solution that allows its clients the benefit of saving energy and cutting costs. We have already installed the EcoStart™ in a number of installations, such as airports, shopping centers and department stores, and are actively proposing it to many of our customers."

Steven Strasser, Chairman and CEO of Power Efficiency Corp., said, "With utility rates rising steadily and companies and organizations everywhere more concerned about their impact on the environment, it just makes good sense to reduce energy consumption with the EcoStart.™ Power Efficiency is proud to work closely with KONE to provide its customers with technologies to reduce energy expenses and preserve the environment."

Power Efficiency Corp. , KONE Inc.
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