KEMET Announces Expansion Of Ceramic Through-Hole Portfolio

KEMET Corp. announced a major expansion in its ceramic through-hole product portfolio. Capacitance values as well as voltage offerings in ceramic through-hole axial (Aximax) and radial (Goldmax) conformally coated product lines have been extended in virtually every available case size in X7R dielectric.

These new extensions are said to meet what is described as the growing customer demand for higher capacitance offerings in through-hole technology. Radial through-hole components (C3xx series) are now available in capacitances up to 10µF, while axial through-hole components (C4xx series) are now available in capacitances up to 4.7µF. In addition, both technologies are now available in 25 and 250V ratings for all case sizes.

With an operating temperature range between -55 and +125°C, and with capacitance shift limited to ±15% over that range, these X7R devices are well suited for electrical applications, general purpose applications and power supply circuits. In addition, all parts are in compliance with RoHS legislation.

"KEMET will continue to push the envelope for leading-edge through-hole product offerings," stated KEMET Product Line Manager Scott Carson. "While many other manufacturers are eliminating or de-emphasizing through-hole designs, we continue to focus on and support this important market. We strongly believe that it is part of our charter as The Capacitance Company."

Price ranges from $0.03 to $4.12 each for these new products depending on capacitance, voltage, case size and tolerance.