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Johnson Controls Unveils Inspira Dual-Battery System

Johnson Controls (Milwaukee) introduced the new Inspira dual-battery system as one of the first of its line of "smart" batteries with IQ Control. IQ Control is an electronic control module for smart battery features that is designed to offer starting protection, as well as anti-theft and power-management functions.The Inspira dual-battery system consists of a small battery used for starting a vehicle and a reserve battery that powers vehicle accessories. Measuring four inches tall and weighing less than six pounds, the battery is claimed to provide 25 percent more cranking power than conventional batteries. The battery uses thin metal film technology. Two sheets of pasted lead foil are separated by an absorbent glass mat and rolled into a tight spiral. Each Inspira battery contains six spiral rolls. The 12V Inspira battery will be available in three sizes, 2.4Ah, 4.5Ah and 6.5Ah, allowing any quantity or size to be combined in a series to create a 36V, 42V or any other high-voltage battery system."Each battery in the system is optimized for its specific function – cranking or cycling – to provide superior performance," stated Doug Brown, vice president of battery sales and marketing. "Another advantage of the dual-battery system is its start protection capability. If interior accessories are left on and drains the reserve battery, the starting battery goes 'off-line' to retain its power."

Johnson Controls Inc.
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