JEDEC Committee for WBG Power Semis Invites Industry Participation

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association announced the successful launch of its newest committee: JC-70 Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Conversion Semiconductors. JC-70 held its first meeting in late October with twenty-three member companies, led by committee and subcommittee chairs from Infineon Technologies, Texas Instruments, Transphorm, and Wolfspeed, a Cree Company.

Committee members include industry leaders in power GaN and SiC semiconductors as well as prospective users of WBG power semiconductors and T&M equipment manufacturers. Global multinational corporations and technology startups from the US, Europe, and Asia are working together to bring to the industry a set of standards for reliability, testing, and parametrics of WBG power semiconductors.

JC-70 has two subcommittees, which are focusing on Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) as the most mature wide bandgap (WBG) power semiconductor materials. Both SiC and GaN offer immense potential for enabling higher performance, more compact, and energy efficient power systems.

Industry interest in JC-70 has been high with several new members joining the committee after the first meeting, underscoring the importance of creating universal standards to help advance the adoption of WBG power technologies.

“I am delighted by the initial response to the JC-70 committee, and look forward to welcoming additional companies to participate in developing standards for wide bandgap power technology,” said John Kelly, JEDEC President.

“Broad industry participation will help ensure the resulting documents meet the needs of product designers as they create systems to enable a more energy efficient future,” Kelly observed.

Four committee meetings are planned for 2018, including a web conference on January 25 and a meeting co-located with the APEC Conference on March 5. Interested companies worldwide are welcome to join JEDEC to participate in this important standardization effort.

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association
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